Does your price include all required chemicals?

Yes. Our monthly price includes all chemicals

If I am out on your scheduled day, how do I know you have been?

As well as seeing a beautiful clean pool, we also leave a printed door hanger letting you know the time we arrived and the service that was carried out

What if we have bad weather on your scheduled day of service?

Safety is of the utmost importance and if we cannot service your pool on the scheduled day, we will call again to take care of your pool

If I need to talk to you am I able to speak to you directly?

Yes! The contact number you have is our cell phone and is with us at all times. Should your call be missed, we will pick up the missed call or text and respond to you

You can also email us 24/7

What happens if I am away from my property for extended periods of time?

We do not compromise our service and will be happy to email you a photo of your pool on every weekly visit. We have many happy clients with second/vacation homes in the central Florida area

How do I pay for your service?

We will email you an invoice at the end of each month. You can then decide to pay us by cash, check or recurring payment. Whichever works best for you